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A Commitment to Student-Athletes as Students First

We believe that some of the most valuable educational experiences take place on the field of competition and we wouldn't trade our experiences as college athletes for anything!

We question whether some of the sacrifices that student-athletes make are necessary or in their best interest for their long term development. 

Partnering with Student-Athletes Abroad is a commitment to support student-athletes on and off the field by finding creative solutions to help them experience one of the most enriching components of a college education.

We are a dedicated team of former collegiate athletes passionate about connecting the world through sports!

We work dynamically with education abroad offices and athletics departments to customize student-athlete opportunities through programs with Student-Athletes Abroad (semester, short-term faculty-led, etc.) and with our parent organization, Beyond Sports (individual sport tours, team trips, high school programs etc.).

Students from our partner institutions also benefit from having access to our priority application to the
Beyond Sports Fellowship, a 1-year post-graduate fellowship program for female athletes.

Benefits of becoming an affiliate partner  

  • Affiliate Rate: Beyond Sports provides program tuition at a discounted rate to all affiliate partners

  • Scholarships: Students from affiliate institutions will be offered a partial scholarship to all summer programs (including internships)

  • Student Numbers: We do not require a yearly student minimum in order to retain affiliate partner status

  • Site Visits: Beyond Sports will host an annual site visit to one of our program locations for a single affiliate representative. Beyond Sports will cover the cost of lodging and roundtrip airfare for the site visit. We also welcome affiliate partners to visit other sites at their own cost and will arrange in-country logistics for these visits

  • Program Development Collaboration: Our affiliate partners are encouraged to collaborate with Beyond Sports on new program initiatives or custom programs, such as short-term faculty led programs, that they would like to see for their specific institution

  • Financial Aid/ Payment: Affiliate partners can choose to either bill the students directly for program fees, or have Beyond Sports handle all program payments with students individually

  • Credit Transfer & Transcript Assistance: Beyond Sports works with each student to ensure academic credit will transfer back to the affiliate institution, including working with specific faculty or academic advisors. Beyond Sports will also facilitate the delivery of the individual student academic transcript from our host university abroad or from Portland State University, our School of Record Institution  

Contact us to learn more!

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Grant Leslie

Co-Founder of Beyond Sports

Director of Program Development

Partner Contact
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