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Testimonials from SAA Alumni

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Student-Athletes Abroad alumni form part of a diverse group of student-athletes from across the U.S. who have created deep bonds through their transformative experience together abroad. 

After your program ends, we continue to support students' professional development through resume guides, letters of recommendation, and career guidance. Alumni also receive exclusive alerts on job openings and fellowship opportunities. 

In addition, alumni from all our brands -- Student-Athletes Abroad (SAA), Beyond Sports Tours (BST), and GLASS -- have access to discounts on future programs across our organization. 

See what SAA alumni are saying about our programs below or fill out the form to get connected and speak to one yourself! 

Testimonials from SAA Alumni


Going abroad -- and especially doing an internship -- is a good opportunity to challenge yourself and grow in ways you can't even imagine. This program specifically includes a variety of experiences (ziplining, surfing, waterfall hike, living with host family, internship, etc.) for a reasonable price and timeline. This program gives you the ability to not only learn a whole lot about this beautiful country, but really live it as well.

Sarah D. | San José, 2023

Sarah D. 2023

South African's love their culture and express it daily. I found it to be extremely welcoming with a greater sense of community. 

Professionally, I grew in my cross-cultural communication skills as well as non-profit program development. I also gained knowledge in non-profit fundraising. The skills I learned will help me in whatever industry or career field I end up in. 

The program is truly an experience of a lifetime and there's no better time than while in college to open your eyes and be a student-athlete world traveler.

Ben E. | Cape Town, 2023


Having a hands on physical therapy internship, I didn't really know what to expect at first. After this month however I learned so much including the different equipment used for certain patients and the methods used when rehabbing different parts of the body. My supervisor made it very clear to me to reach out at any time if I have any questions later on down the line in the future, which I found super special and something that is a once and a life time opportunity.

Maura O. | Valencia, 2023

Maura O. 2023

SAA introduced me to a new culture and way of life in Australia. This program and internship experience helped me develop professional skills that I will carry into my future. Student-Athletes Abroad allowed me make international business connections and life-long friends.

This was truly a life-changing experience; I learned so much! Be open to all of the opportunities this program provides because you never know what can happen. Have no expectations!

Molly D. | Sydney, 2019

Molly D. 2019
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