We prioritize student learning through the
design and management of all of our programs.
This includes:
  • Immersive learning opportunities with an emphasis on developing intercultural competence, cross-cultural understanding, language acquisition, and professional skills applicable to any industry.

  • Building mutually beneficial partnerships abroad: Students working with our international partners on service learning projects and internships understand the reciprocity behind these relationships and their value added to the work or project.

  • All SAA interns are required to critically reflect upon daily duties and experiences to optimize academic and professional development. The weekly journals are also critical to processing the complex intercultural experience during the short time-frame.

Internship Programs for Academic Credit
  • All internship locations utilize our internship syllabus, created by our Director of Academics

  • Our internship syllabus focuses on both the academic and professional development of students, with weekly reflective journaling, weekly meetings to monitor student progress, a mid-term paper, final presentation, final reflection paper, and general expectations laid out for the students.  

Program Spotlight:
In our South Africa location, students work with sport-for-development NGOs and conduct a thorough needs assessment and gap analysis to steer the direction of their projects. Each morning, students work individually and in groups in a high-tech lab where they have access to libraries, donor groups, and various resources. In the afternoon, they work directly with their internship organization either in a professional work setting, or out in the field. The culmination of their internship is a final presentation and product for the NGO, which will further the success of the organization by addressing an identified need or gap area and providing suggestions for implementation.

Across all of our internships, the professional expectation is that students are working in an environment that will help them become critical thinkers and globally minded citizens, and that this international experience will prove as invaluable in whichever track they take upon graduation.

School of Record

Portland State University (PSU) acts as Student-Athletes Abroad’s official School of Record.

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