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Health & Safety

Your well-being throughout our programs is our #1 priority


Our commitment

The health and safety of all students, coaches, families, and staff on all programs operated by Student-Athletes Abroad (SAA) and Beyond Sports is a top priority for the organization on every level. SAA and Beyond are committed to providing clear and comprehensive risk management support, infrastructure, policies, and procedures regarding all health and safety matters for any program participant, whether traveling individually or as part of a group.

We ensure a proactive approach to the safety and security of all participants through a variety of methods during the pre-departure, program duration, and re-entry phases of each program:

Program Staff & On-Site Support

All program staff are trained to provide effective emergency responses in various situations. We have full time local staff for all SAA programs in Costa Rica, Spain and South Africa. For programs in our other locations, domestic staff accompany our programs from start to finish. We strive to provide for the overall safety and well-being of all participants and work as a broad network to anticipate any unexpected situations. All groups travel together on pre-planned group excursions with SAA staff who have emergency phones with them at all times.

Emergency Services

  • Student-Athletes Abroad has a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year emergency hotline for students, parents, faculty, and administrators

  • Prior to departure, participants for each program are given program-specific emergency contact information including local hospital information

  • All local staff are required to complete emergency response preparedness training programs which include visits to hospitals and local clinics

International Health Insurance

Student-Athletes Abroad provides extensive blanket international health insurance coverage to all participants of SAA programs through our partnership with CISI Travel Insurance:

Students are automatically enrolled in this insurance plan unless they indicate that they will be utilizing pre-existing coverage. Sports related injuries are also covered through CISI Insurance.

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)

We enroll all SAA students in the STEP program prior to departure. The STEP Program is a free service provided by the U.S. Department of State that allows the U.S. Embassy or Consular office to be aware of your presence in your destination country, provides you with free alerts and important information and helps you stay in touch with friends and family in the event of an emergency.

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