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Global Classroom

When school is online, the world is your classroom!

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​Location: Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica

Time: Spring 2021

Duration: 1 to 3 Month Sessions

Take your online classes to Costa Rica

Campus amenities allow student-athletes to train

Safe international travel in an era of uncertainty

Provided by two world leaders in international education

Flexible travel dates to accommodate all schedules

Immersive Spanish language sessions available





The academic aspect of Global Classroom will look different for every student. You can choose to continue your online classes from your school or you can enroll in online classes through disruptive online education programs that are significantly less expensive than normal tuition ( or offer skill training in high demand fields (

Additionally, we have Spanish language classes and for-credit internships available as either the core focus of your program or as a compliment to your online classes. Our internships will utilize many of the same organizations that we partner with during our summer internship programs but in an online format. Learn more here!


Breakfast will be served by our in-house chef. Meals will vary widely throughout the session--pancakes, french toast, omelets, etc.-- but we'll often serve an authentic, Costa Rican breakfast which includes a spread of tropical fruits, farm fresh eggs, toast, avocados, and gallo pinto (Costa Rica's famous seasoned rice and beans dish.) If you have any special requests or dietary requests, our chef will work to meet your accommodations!


The flow of your day will depend entirely on your class schedule. When you are not in class or studying, you can take advantage of campus amenities or escape to the beach for a couple of hours! We will also have optional service-learning projects to benefit the local community.


For online lectures or computer-based work, you can choose to work from the classroom, dining room, or your bedroom. Lunch is generally prepped in the morning and left in the shared refrigerator so that you can eat at your convenience. You are also welcome to explore some of the walkable restaurants for lunch!


Dinners will alternate between Costa Rican cuisine and more familiar options like pasta, pizza, or tacos. After dinner, you can relax and enjoy the community of normal campus life. The experience is yours to create-- watch a movie in the classroom, play card or board games, hang out around a bonfire, walk to the beach for sunset, and more. 


With weekdays focused on excelling in the classroom, service learning and internship opportunities, and keeping up with off-season training plans, we make sure to take a much needed break from screens to take advantage of everything Costa Rica has to offer with weekend excursions. Each weekend includes one group excursion (attendance optional) from the following list:


  • Zip-lining at Diamante Eco Adventure Park

  • Sunset catamaran tour

  • Surf lessons

  • Snorkeling

  • Rincon de la Vieja National Park

  • Rio Celeste

  • Arenal Volcano

  • White-water rafting

  • Jungle boat tour through Palo Verde National Park

  • Coffee plantation tour

In addition to being within walking distance the beautiful beach of Playa Flamingo, you will also have the opportunity to visit some of our favorite nearby beaches in Guanacaste including Playa Conchal, Playa Tamarindo, Playa Grande, Playa Penca and Playa Prieta.




Our private, 3-acre campus sits in Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica--a remote, tropical paradise in Central America's safest country.


You'll have full access to the amenities on our campus; you'll be within walking distance of one of Costa Rica's most famous white sand beaches; and you'll enjoy endless sunshine! Since our organization's founding in 2010, Costa Rica has been our most popular program destination. Whether you're an experienced traveler or a new traveler, Playa Flamingo is the perfect international getaway.

Campus Amenities:

  • Airconditioned Dorms

  • Outdoor Dining Area

  • Classroom

  • Basketball Gym

  • Open-Air Yoga Studio

  • Two-Story Strength & Conditioning Facility

  • Highspeed Wifi

Beyond Sports Campus Tour

Beyond Sports Campus Tour



As we launch our first international program since the Covid-19 Pandemic began, we want to take this opportunity to share our broader thinking as well as some of the specific criteria we used in deciding to offer this program. Student health & safety is and always will be our top priority as an organization.

We are a mission-driven organization that believes international travel and experiencing different cultures is an important ingredient to a fulfilling life, both for what it teaches us about other people and places, and how it helps us appreciate what we have in the United States. We also believe that college age is a unique developmental period where many 'once-in-a-lifetime' opportunities are more available and accessible than in other stages in life.

We know that there is a diverse spectrum of risk tolerance and beliefs about what safety measures are reasonable during the pandemic for both healthy college aged students in particular, and also, how that demographic's choices might impact members of our communities who are more vulnerable to the virus. We don't expect everyone will agree with our assessments 100%, however, we hope that by detailing our thinking, students and their parents will be able to make their own informed decisions while understanding what expectations we will have for students in Costa Rica. We hope to share this experience with a group of students who are more or less on our same page, or at least reading the same book.

We have been tracking the Covid-19 pandemic closely since January 2020 when evidence of community spread outside of China first emerged. Over that time, we have done our best to filter through overwhelming amounts of information while remaining skeptical of advice that might be politically or financially motivated. We prefer data backed and scientifically verifiable information, while trying to appropriately weight new information that might not yet hold a scientific consensus.

As has always been the case in our risk assessment and analysis, we recognize that truly 100% guaranteed safety is impossible in our world. Instead, we must assess risks to student safety relative to a realistic alternative.

Health & Safety


Session I: January 2-29, 2021
Session II: February 1-28, 2021
Session III: March 2-29, 2021
Session IV: April 2-29, 2021
Session V: May 2-29, 2021


The length of your stay in Costa Rica is up to you! You can join us for up to three sessions. Our program fee is designed to cover all necessary expenses while a student is in Costa Rica. Out of pocket expenses are optional. 
1st Month: $2,995
2nd Month: $2,495
3rd Month: $1,995
The full cost of the program is not due at registration. A $250 deposit is required to reserve your spot. The remaining balance on your account will be paid in two installments. Extended, personalized payment plans are available upon request. Please inquire with our enrollment team to learn more about our payment plan flexibility.
  • ​Dormitory accommodations
  • Three meals, daily
  • Access to all campus facilities (weight room, yoga studio, basketball gym, classroom)
  • Three weekend excursions per month
  • Service-learning activities (if covid permits)
  • All program-related transportation while in Costa Rica
  • Weekly laundry (washer/dryer on campus)
  • Optional Spanish language tutor
  • International health insurance through GeoBlue
  • Pre-departure logistic support from our staff
  • Bi-lingual onsite staff
If you choose to join us for more than one session, you will be permitted to stay on campus in the gap between sessions. Access to all amenities and three meals per day will still be provided for you.
  • Round trip airfare
  • Passport and associated fees
  • Snacks, souvenirs, and optional entertainment expenses
Dates & Rates
Image by Nenad Radojčić




Complete and submit a short online application. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis


Connect with our Team

Once admitted, our team will reach out to you to schedule a phone call and answer any questions you may have.


Register & Deposit

You will be prompted to register through our online platform & make your initial deposit to reserve your spot

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Telephone: 929-274-3418

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