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Take your sport with you.

Study abroad programs designed
by athletes, for athletes.


Invest in your future with Student-Athletes Abroad!

We offer international educational programs designed to help student-athletes grow, both professionally and personally!

Stand out on applications with international internship or study abroad experience

Strengthen your confidence and independence

Build or enhance your globalized mindset

Equip yourself with life skills that will translate to any profession

Connect with a dynamic network of like-minded peers and mentors

Return home with incredible memories of adventure


Program Opportunities

Summer Internships


  • Three- to four-week programs

  • Internship placement

  • Housing

  • Two meals, daily

  • Weekend excursions

  • Gym membership

  • International health insurance


  • Costa Rica

  • Spain

  • South Africa

Academic Programs


  • Five-week summer programs

  • English & Spanish-taught course options

  • Optional internship placement

  • Homestay accommodations

  • Two meals, daily

  • Weekend excursions

  • Gym membership

  • International health insurance


  • Costa Rica

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What Students Say

"This program gives athletes the chance to experience being abroad apart from your family. Traveling by yourself makes you more independent. Along with being in a different country, you also get to help those in need and make relationships with people that you never would have met.

I learned a lot about many different cultures within South Africa. I stepped out of my comfort zone and taught children that spoke English as their second language. I gained a lot of self-confidence working with Project Playground!"

Brianna M.
South Africa | Internship Program

"SAA was just amazing. I honestly went into it terrified. I didn't know any Spanish, I was an introvert, and I thought I'd get tired of being there. By the end, that all changed. I'm pretty capable in Spanish now. I am more outgoing. And I cried when I left because I was sad to leave! SAA was a life-changing experience that I would suggest to anyone. Costa Rican culture changed my priorities in life and now I'm happier for it."

Lucas H.
Costa Rica
| Academic Program

"This experience has empowered me to take hold of my future. As an intern in Valencia Spain I took every opportunity to learn. I learned about the culture, people, and language of Spain. I learned about job opportunities in a foreign country and I learned to network and make wonderful relationships with locals. In doing so, I feel equipped with the knowledge and connections to do well upon graduating from college and enthusiastically enter with workforce!"

Natalie A.
Spain | Internship Program

Our mission is to remove barriers that prevent student-athletes from studying or interning abroad!

Student-Athletes Abroad

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